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6 Comments >>Chiller Spring Classic Schedule Announced!

Please note, this schedule is subject to change.  For questions contact Denise.


31 Comments >>Try Synchro Free Day - Sunday, March 11

Try Synchro Free Day
Sunday, March 11th
Chiller Easton
An additional Try Synchro Free Day is scheduled for Aug 5th.
Tryouts will be held Aug.19th.
Synchronized Team Skating combines elements of skating, footwork, dance and precision into an exciting on-ice performance.  It is the team aspect that encourages camaraderie and long term participation in skating.  
“Our daughter has always been very quiet and shy, and skating in front of a crowd seemed like an    unbelievable goal for our 8-year-old!  She has surpassed all of our expectations.  When she skated in her first show, the smile on her face and her chin held high was an unbelievable sight! Skating synchro has brought our daughter out of her shell!”

Off-Ice Practice
For skaters with no prior synchro experience
Learn warm up exercises, skating positions and holds.                     

New skaters—come join us on the ice!  We will teach you some synchronized moves and formations.*

Clinic Attire:  
Female skaters should wear  appropriate skating clothes—no jeans, please.  Long hair should be pulled back in a ponytail neatly away from face.  No gloves, jewelry or shirts with a hood for safety reasons.

*Skaters should be able to  skate on their own without assistance.          

Recommended for Basic 3 and up.

Click here for more info >

RSVP & Questions contact Denise Hughes at

Try Synchro Free

3 Comments >>Congratulations to the Chiller Skaters For Their Great Results Last Weeke...

Results From the Eastern Great Lakes Regional Championships

Chiller skaters had great results at the 2012 Eastern Great Lakes Regional Championships this past week held in Mentor, OH.

The following skaters qualified for Junior Nationals:

Jonathan Butler -- 4th-- Intermediate Men

Jackie Tu – 1st – Juvenile Girls

Vivian Chen – 2nd – Juvenile Girls

All three will compete in Jr. Nationals in East Lansing Michigan in December.

The following skaters qualified for Sectionals:

Alexie Mieskoski – 2nd – Junior Ladies

Caroline Nickerson – 3rd – Junior Ladies

Livvy Shilling – 2nd – Novice Ladies

These three will compete in Sectionals in Fort Collins Colorado in November. This competition is a qualifier for Nationals!

More results:

Rachel Bachman – 12th – Intermediate Ladies QR

Aliyah Cohen – 14th – Junior Ladies

Megan Cordle – 2nd QR --13th – Intermediate Ladies

Rebecca Dashevsky – 2nd QR 10th – Juvenile Girls

Alex Magnuson – 5th – Intermediate Men

Morgan Morrison – 7th – Juvenile Girls QR

Sarah Cait Knott – 14th – Juvenile Girls QR

Lyndsay Ream – 9th – Intermediate Ladies

Rena Saji – 8th – Junior Ladies

Laura Stegner – 16th – Intermediate Ladies QR

QR = Qualifying Round

Great job skaters, keep up the hard work!

6 Comments >>Chiller Skaters Recently Won Big In Thailand!

The Ice Skating Institute competition took place August 11-18 in Bangkok, Thailand. Mimi and Annie Ratanapan joined 700 skaters from 26 rinks in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and the United States in this event. On ice competition, totaling 2300 entries, took place over eight days at two facilities.

Mimi placed first in all three of her events! Annie, competing for the first time in solo events, placed first and sixth! They competed in Freestyle, Footwork and Couples Spotlight events.

In addition to skating, Mimi & Annie were able to visit family in Bangkok. Back home in Columbus they are members of the Team Chiller synchronized skating teams, and are coached by Fiona Loftus.

Columbus Skating Coach Margy Bennett served as Chief Referee for the event. Margy was kind enough to provide this photo and share details of the girls' success.

Congratulations Mimi and Annie on a great accomplishment - the skating community is proud of you!

Pictured L-R:

Margy Bennett, Annie Ratanapan, Mimi Ratanapan

4 Comments >>Shelby Stewart Wins Team Chiller Continuing Education Scholarship

Congratulations to Shelby Stewart, winner of the Team Chiller Continuing Education Scholarship honoring Martha Jankowski!

Shelby's essay is below. Way to go Shelby!

Team Chiller Continuing Education Scholarship

Personal Essay

As I prepare myself for the next chapter of my life, I find myself spending a great deal of time thinking about my past, the people I care about, and the things that have shaped me into the person I am today. Out of each of these thoughts come a series of memories that bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. These memories center around one of the most important and life-changing pieces of my past: Team Chiller.

When I was first introduced to Team Chiller, I was painfully shy and self-conscious. I had just entered the fourth grade and I was attending a new school. I do not remember too much from that first year, but I do remember attending the lock-in that was being held to kick off the season. I walked into The Chiller terrified that evening, completely uncomfortable with the fact that I did not know a soul. I strode out the next morning with newfound feelings of belonging, confidence, and acceptance. From that point on, Team Chiller became a significant part of who I was. Sundays became my favorite day of the week, and I could not wait to do the two things that I loved most: spend time with my teammates and skate my heart out. Soon, I began to pass through the awkward stages of adolescence, but despite all of my imprudent words and actions, my teammates and coaches always stood by my side. No matter what I happened to be going through outside of skating, Team Chiller always had something for me to look forward to. I adored having competitions every few weeks, especially since each one was an adventure. So many of my most treasured memories come from these competitions: sledding at Miami University, getting lost in snowstorms in Michigan with Ms. Martha, hotel birthday parties, running around the Mall of America with my teammates, a guitar shaped pool in Nashville, late night story sessions with Ms. Cindy, and hilarious road trips with my best friends.

It was not long after I started synchronized skating that I began to consider the members of Team Chiller family. Coaches, parents, and fellow skaters became strong role models in my life constantly teaching me hard lessons, lessons that I could not learn anywhere else. Because of Team Chiller and its members, I now know how to laugh like there is no tomorrow. I know how to push myself to do better, even when I feel like giving up. I know what it means to have friends so true that they become your family. I know how to work with others, and how to encourage teammates to work together to achieve a common goal. I am no longer afraid to take risks, and to try my absolute best at whatever life throws at me. Most importantly, because of Team Chiller, I now know how important it is to live life to the fullest. Every moment of my life on Team Chiller? every laugh, disappointment, and friend? was absolutely incredible, and I would not trade any of those lessons or memories for the world.

Aristotle once said ?What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies.? For me, Team Chiller was a web of friends, a single soul in many bodies. My teammates have become my best friends, my sisters. On the ice we were one body, pulsing in sync with the music and each other. Off the ice we were much the same. As Oscar Wilde once said ?anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend?s success.? As friends, this could not have been any more true to my experiences with the girls on Team Chiller. My problems became my team?s problems and my victories became my teammates victories, just as theirs became my own.

It is hard to say why I deserve the Martha Jankowski Continuing Education Scholarship, because for as much love, time, and dedication that I have poured into Team Chiller, my teammates have stood beside me doing the same. What makes me a good candidate, though, is the fact that I have come to share much of the same dedication and values that Martha Jankowski had while developing Team Chiller. Through her example, I learned how to positively and enthusiastically tackle any problem or roadblock that I may face. She taught me how to pour my heart and soul into this team and, thanks to her, it has helped me develop into a strong and reliable woman. Her hard work, encouragement, and loyalty truly taught me what it takes to do great things and become successful in life.

As I start the next chapter of my life and attend college this fall, I will use every one of the values I have learned from both Martha Jankowski and Team Chiller to guide myself to become the best person that I can be. If allowed this scholarship, I am certain that it will help me grow into an individual that is able to give to others, just as Team Chiller has given so much to me.

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