Pond Hockey

Perani's Pond Hockey League

Perani's Pond Hockey League SUMMER 2021

  • 6 Game Season
  • 50% of fees due by May 25; remainder due by June 1

Perani's Pond Hockey League SUMMER Schedules

Download Mini-Mite schedule (PDF) >

Download Mite Shinny schedule (PDF) >

Download Squirt schedule (PDF) >

Summer Team Contacts - Download Pond Summer Team Contacts (PDF) >

Contact Hockey Director Rob Schriner with questions - rschriner@thechiller.com

Perani's Pond Hockey League - Spring 2021

Download Division Schedules

Mini-Mite Schedule (PDF) >

Mite Recreational Schedule (PDF) >

Mite Competitive Schedule (PDF) >

Mite Shinny Schedule (PDF) >

Squirt Rec LOWER Schedule (PDF) >

Squirt Rec UPPER Schedule (PDF) >

Squirt Competitive Schedule (PDF) >

Pee Wee Recreational Schedule (PDF) >

Pee Wee Competitive Schedule (PDF) >

Bantam Recreational Schedule (PDF) >

Bantam Competitive Schedule (PDF) >

Midget Lower Schedule (PDF) >

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From Hockey Director Rob Schriner:

There are 110 teams in Pond Hockey. If you need to correspond with me, please email at rschriner@thechiller.com (managers/coaches only for contact, please), and state your team name and division.

With 110 teams it becomes very, very difficult to reschedule games. This affects everyone in the league - refs, scorekeepers and Chiller staff - so I prefer you do your best to field a team even if you need to reach out to other teams and ask for subs.

If you think you can find a team in your division to switch games with you, that is fine, but I will need to in the loop, and all teams and players must be in agreeance before the switch is made. Managers/Coaches, you can find all team contact info and schedules on our website. ONCE AGAIN, no game swaps unless I confirm it!

Additionally, in order to keep games fun for all, if the score becomes too lopsided with a team ahead by 6 or more goals, feel free to swap some players for the remainder of the games to make the game more even.
Thank you,
Robert Schriner

Download Team contacts (PDF) >

March 27-June 6, 2021

10 Game Season - Saturdays and Sundays

No games on April 4 (Easter Sunday). 

Contact Hockey Director Rob Schriner with questions - rschriner@thechiller.com


League Rules

  • No Icing
  • Delayed offsides
  • Stoppage of play for goals, offsides and penalties
  • Clock stops only if injured players
  • Penalties result in penalty shot
  • Max of 3 goals per player
  • Any team or individual wanting to play UP a division, must secure approval from Rob Schriner
  • All players MUST sign in on scoresheet prior to each game (Coach/Team Manager to assist young players)
  • Midgets - only 5 same-school varsity players per team per OHSAA regulations
  • All players must be valid USA Hockey members (USA Hockey numbers must be provided to team manager)


  • Three 15-minute running time periods 
  • Timeclock will stop only if a player is injured


  • All teams must have a USA Hockey certified coach
  • Coaches/Managers must attend mandatory league scheduling meeting. Chiller will notify of time and location via email.


  • Visiting team must wear pinnies (supplied by Chiller) if both teams have same jersey color 
  • Must have numbers on back of jerseys

Great uniform packages available through Perani’s!  columbus@peranis.com | 614-396-9370

What is Pond Hockey? 
Pond Hockey is high speed, high scoring, end-to-end hockey action without the pressure of the regular season scores, standings and format! It’s a chance for players to handle the puck, get creative, and play like they’re out back on a pond. And the best part is while the kids are having fun, they’re focusing on skating, stickhandling, passing, shooting and backchecking/forechecking.    

Perani's Player of the Week winners will be announced throughout the session including cool prizes and player photos shared on social media. 

All games will be available live and on demand through Live Barn.

Please note: All participants skate at their own risk.

Divisions/Age Levels

  • Mini-Mite (2014/2015 birth year) - 4 on 4 half-ice, coaches on ice, no scorekeeper
  • Mite Recreational/Competitive (2012 birth year) - 5 on 5 full-ice
  • Mite (2013/2014 birth year) - Choice of Shinny division (3 on 3 half-ice) or 5 on 5 full-ice division
  • Squirt (2010/11) & Pee Wee (2008/09) - 3 on 3 full-ice. Competitive and recreational divisions are offered. Competitive will be made up of select/travel players while recreational division teams will tend to have predominantly first year players and beginner players (no travel players in this division).
  • Bantam (2006/2007) - 3 on 3 full-ice. Players in this age group may have played JV high school, House or Travel Hockey and are Bantam-aged. Recreational division teams tend to have house or JV players. Competitive division teams will have predominantly travel players.
  • Midget (2002/03/04/0\5) - 3 on 3 full-ice. Upper and lower  divisions are offered. Players in this age group may have played Varsity High school or Travel Hockey and are Midget-aged.

Please sign up at the level played during the 2020-2021 season.

Registration must be made as a team and requires team name, coach name, all rostered names, 2020/21 teams played, birth years, USA Hockey numbers and email addresses by March 1st. Sign up by March 1 and receive a free practice!

Your first payment (50% deposit or full payment as designated by you on registration form) will be processed on March 1. Remaining balance (if applicable) will be processed on March 16.

  • Mini-Mite: $1,000 (cross-ice games)
  • Mite Shinny (cross-ice games) $1,000 (Sundays only)
  • Mite/Squirt/Pee Wee/Bantam/Midget (full-ice): $1,900
  • 50% of fees due by Mar. 1; remainder due by Mar. 16


  • Minimum 10, maximum 18 players per roster (including subs). For Mites, roster of 16-18 receommended. 
  • Chiller reserves the right to assign individual registrants to team rosters in an effort to make sure every player finds a team
  • Only 13 maximum can dress in a game (including goalie)
  • Team/Coach contacts will be posted online

Need a team?

  • If you are an individual without a team, we will try to find you a team or try to create a draft team of individuals.
  • Spots are not guaranteed, but we will try our best and keep you posted.

Get ready for Pond Hockey Play

  • Practice Makes Perfect! Great practice times are available including weekdays and weekends. 
  • Contact Jeremy at jrogers@thechiller.com for more information or to schedule your practice.

For more information, contact Hockey Director Rob Schriner - rschriner@thechiller.com

To place your uniform order, contact Perani's at columbus@peranis.com or 614-396-9370.

Order by March 7 to ensure delivery before first game.

For more information, contact Hockey Director Rob Schriner - rschriner@thechiller.com

To place your uniform order, contact Perani's at columbus@peranis.com or 614-396-9370.

Order by March 7 to ensure delivery before first game.